In Hebrew slang there is a term called “Combina” (kom-bee-na). The plural is Combinot (kom-bee-note). This is a very commonly used term in Israel defines as a typical way in Israel to get things or jobs. By deal or connections. Also possible to conjugate (Cimbanti, Cimbanta, Cimbannu…) 1. Mr. Cohen works here thanks to a combina his brother, Uzi Cohen, has made.
2. (as gerund:) Dude, it’s your lucky day. I managed to LeCamben for us tickets for the show for free. Basically it is kind of like using networking but much wider.

This pertains to my little story just recently, as I believe that I got a new client due to a combina from a family friend. Looks like I will be designing some travel e-blasts a logo and maybe some more things. It just goes to show you when you need something done always do it the Israeli way! Hopefully I will post some new work over the next few weeks!


4 responses to “Combinot

  1. yala yala
    make some noise and write something today šŸ™‚

  2. well, after reading your short stories, i can see this is a future best seller maybe to be called “NY Tidbits”. i love it!!!!!!! keep it up! it’s really great!

  3. long live the israeli combina!

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